Here are just a few of the wonderful letters we have received from family and friends of our residents:

Maureen F

Cold Spring Hills has provided me with all I needed for my recovery. The staff on Norwich 1 was professional and efficient as well as compassionate. My physical therapist Julianna was excellent and my occupational therapist Kristin was wonderful. I was occasionally treated by other therapists who were also very good. My regular nurse Barbara could not have been more understanding and treated me with the upmost care. Along with Barbara my regular aides Maria and Myrtha provided me with all I needed. Other staff member including the NP, nurses, Avi the social worker, Anne Kohlmann and Elizabeth Walsh in housekeeping. Were always friendly as well as professional. If I ever need physical therapy again Cold Spring Hills would be my first choice!

Robert C

I had a very good experience here. I have been here in the past and would come again because I’ve always got the best help.

Susan G

I am so happy with the care provided by the nurses and CNAs in Seacliff 3. Everyone is friendly, compassionate, and genuinely care for the residents. I have found that all staff, in the entire facility, are friendly, everyone from grounds to housekeeping smile and say hello and make you feel cared about. The activities are great and again all therapists are wonderful. Thank you for taking such good care of my loved one.

Patricia B

The individuals working here are very caring.

Anne Marie Kopp

Everybody was very accommodating and helpful. Overall everybody was lovely. I hope I never need rehab again but if I did I would return here.

Melanie B

The staff was always helpful and made sure my needs were met always. Barbara and Catherine the head nurses were such sweethearts always, and it was a pleasure working with them. Also, Elizabeth who is part of house keeping was always so delightful to be around and my room was always spotless after she tackled the mess. Overall, my experience here was as good as I could hope for and then some.

Angel G

Special thanks to Mr. Thomas Meehan, Mrs. Ferguson, Ms.Thomas (supervisor), Ms. M. Duclair rn nw-2, Ms. Michellin rn nw-2, Ms. Joseph LPN NW-2. Thank you for the care and concern that this team showed me with my recovery. This team of experts has been very helpful and attentive to all my needs, thank you very much.

Arlene U

Here are some of the notable employees of my time here Beena the RN. Both the hairdressers were extraordinary people. Thomas Meehan the concierge is commendable. He does everything he can to help improve the residents experience here. He puts a happy face on Cold Spring Hills. Avi also has gone beyond the call of duty to make my time here pleasant. There are others I wish that I could commend but unfortunately I could not get every wonderful persons name.

Cynthia K

In therapy Darla was magnificent, I cant remember her assistants name but she was very good as well. Steven the my OT was great too. Even though I was not that disabled from stroke the progress I saw from other people worse off from me in therapy was amazing and I will never forget it. The therapists here love their work and it shows. If I ever need therapy again I will be back.

Wayne H

My time at Cold Spring Hills was very good. I cant think of a bad experience I had. Michelle, Steve and Amy my therapist were fantastic. The nursing and the aids on the floor were very good and joanne the night aid was outstanding. Dietary helped me out with transitioning from puree food to solid. I highly recommend this facility to anybody would come back if I need rehab in the future.

Mark K

Carol was phenomenal. day shift nurses and aids were amazing. over night nurses are nice but I don’t need them too much. recreation and admission were very helpful. my therapist Juliana was amazing as was Sally. I owe all of my progress to them. all together my experience was great. Lisa was great as well. Aman was always the nicest she did everything I needed.

Patrick A.

Overall staff and nurse Ot/Pt was excellent. Committed staff and nurses are excellent.

Blanche F.

Overall experience at Cold Spring Hills Center was very good. The staff from Administration, (Thomas Meehan & Amy Fink), Nurses(Donna O’Brien) Physical Therapy(Michelle) & Social Worker, Jeanie

Maureen D

The facility is one of the most friendly and professional I have experienced. the pt diane and ot diane were friendly, encouraging,professional and informative. avi was a very supportive social worker who took my personal needs as well as functional needs into account. stacy was very encouraging and supportive. she was very supportive with my recovery and dedicated to ensuring I made the most of what the facility had to offer.the pcas were very helpful, especially myertha. Thomas was always supportive and friendly person and advocate. my nurse, Barbara was the most encouraging and supportive advocate in my experience at the facility. she was emotionally as well as therapeutically available whenever she was here. I am very grateful she was here.

Daedra M

My Grandfather was at Cold Springs for several weeks where the staff helped nurse him back into a more stable state of health and created the blessing of being able to move him to live closer to family for his final days. While the nurses and aides were caring and did their best for him, we had a few scares too so I’m glad i was there to over see his care. I know things happen even in the best establishments, and give 5 stars for this review because I was most impressed with the professionalism, passion for the work and chipper good moods of the following individuals – Danielle, his exceptional Speach Pathologist who took the time to evaluate and educate us thoroughly, making a tough time easier emotionally as she guided us through understanding our options, Hope – his primary aide who went above and beyond for him daily, and most notably, Alex his OT who went above and beyond to customize the physical therapy and interactions to align with my grandpa’s preferences and be appropriate for his specific health history and unique personality.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is the personalized approach and deep caring of these staff + physical strengthening of the OT/PT team that my grandpa was able to keep going and gave us the capacity to make his final move which was so important to us all.

Thank you Cold Springs for your excellent choice in staffing. You will be wise to treat your employees well because you currently have some gems that really make for the quality of patient experience and that of their families too.

Azizullah A


The staff is very good. The CNA Nadish is my favorite. Aman the social worker was extremely helpful. All nurses were great!

Rita and Luis D


Our daughter, Tashia H***** was a resident at the Cold Spring Hills Rehab for approximately four months and literally fell in love with the doctors, nurses and staff. We can certainly understand how she feels since the entire staff is very competent (world class) caring and compassionate. We will miss all of you with our hearts.

Paul K


In general most of the aids that he has been working with have been terrific. Sometimes he has to wait 10-15 minutes but my cnas give great assistance when they come to help. Ivan St. Louis my PT and Diane Friedman my OT are some of the most pleasant people have ever met and made therapy fun. Barbara my nurse was always patient with me and a wonderful woman who always made sure I was comfortable. I plan on writing a letter to your administration as well to make sure these workers get credit for the great work they do.

Thomasina M

Wish I could’ve stayed longer but insurance wouldn’t cover anymore.

Bill K
After several surgeries and nearly three months in the hospital, our son
Michael became a rehab patient in Cold Spring Hills from June 7th until
August 14th of this year. My husband and I want to take this opportunity
to thank you for the fine care he received during his stay with you.
Michael was in Norwich, room 117. The fact that he was able to have a
private room meant a great deal to Michael and to us. And the care he
received was all that we could hope for-professional, skilled, and
always compassionate. When he came to CSH, Michael was in a very
weakened condition. Your amazing staff of doctors, nurses nursing
assistants, and PT and OT specialists worked diligently to heal and
strengthen him, and your kitchen staff provided him with tasty and
nutritious meals. Together, they prepared him for his reconnection
surgery which was successfully done on August 14th! During his stay in
Cold Spring Hills, Michael spent many hours outdoors in you beautiful
courtyard -one of his favorite places to be. As his family, we enjoyed
many hours visiting him there. We were very impressed with your
recreation staff as they went about their work hosting barbecues,
birthday celebrations, even block parties for residents Frequently we
had the chance to speak with individual recreation and administrative
staff members as they walk through the courtyard. They are an incredibly
dedicated and caring group of professionals, and you are to be commended
for hiring such an amazing staff! By the way, Michael’s other favorite
place in CSH is the Subway in the lobby! As his health improved and his
appetite increased he became a regular visitor. We want to offer a word
of praise for the ladies who work at the front desk because their
cheerfulness and friendliness welcomed us from the very first day ad we
always enjoyed sharing a greeting with them. Thank you such good care of
our son!

Julie D
I came for a tour a few weeks ago for my mother who had a fall, and I
can say it’s very clean and pretty this place. Since we chose to admit
her here, I’m happy to say she’s going really well and the staff is
taking care of her. I’d definitely suggest Cold Spring Hills, and thank
you to everyone!

Cecelia H
My grandmother who raised me got into a car accident in Florida. I flew
down to be with her in the hospital but when they told us she needed
rehab, I knew I would need to transfer her to Long Island where I live.
It was hard to do research while down there but everyone I spoke to
spoke highly of Coldspring Hills. I called many places but Diane from
admissions was the most helpful and the finance department helped me
figure out all the logistics. We’ve been here three weeks and all I
can say is I couldn’t have made a better choice! Thank you to an
amazing rehab team, top notch nurses on the Norwich building and my
aunt’s concierge. She told me she truly feels well cared for and
appreciative. I would recommend Cold Spring rehab to anyone who needs

Marjorie J

Victoria B
My sister is a long term resident in the Seacliff building of Cold
Spring Hills and i have to give kudos to the new ownership. They have
really turned things around. She is on a ventilator and the respiratory
care she is receiving is incredible and now they just renovated the
Seacliff lobby and redid the floors and everything overall just seems
fresh and crisp! It’s a great feeling to know that my sister is in good

Jeffrey M
The care is great. Would recommend to anyone who needs therapy.

Harold D
The physical therapy team were instrumental into getting my relative into good enough shape that she could return home. I credit them for their patience and dedication, and cannot thank them enough.

Tammy P
An elderly family friend overseas came here for treatment and had a good experience. She’s feeling much better now. Good facility.

Larry S
The rehabilitation and overall care I received was amazing. Thanks to everyone who took part in my healing!

Jonathan K
My words can’t express how great they’ve treated my sister here. She has a disability for many years, and my family and I finally decided to put her in a nursing facility because it’s getting too much for us at my brother’s and my age. They’ve been so kind to her and good. She’s always kept clean and she’s THANKFULLY always doing something, whether in the recreation hall to the dining room. We love the fact that she even has her own friends now!!

Alex V
My mother broke her leg after she slipped and fell on ice around thanksgiving time, last year. It was horrible to see her in all that pain and there wasn’t much that I could do about it. She needed to be rehabbed and she needed a lot of it. She was admitted to Cold Spring Hills a little before Christmas where she stayed for a few weeks. I’m so glad that within the next 6 weeks she was able to walk out of there on her own!

Carolyn J
I took a bad fall at home and fractured my hip and requiring emergency surgery to repair it with rods and nails and screws. I had complications that made starting my rehabilitation impossible so it was several days before I could even get started in therapy. I progressed somewhat on the rehab floor at NUMC before being transferred to Cold Spring Hills.

I chose CSH because my Dad lives here full time and he has had – and we have observed – the most wonderful, attentive treatment ever since he came to live here. The nurses, PCAs, housekeeping, all of the staff know their patients so well, greet them by name, really get to know them and their families well. Dad is is great hands here. We feel very confident in his treatment and care, however, this review is about MY experience here in the rehabilitation side of the facility. That being said, from the moment I arrived here at CSH on April 10, 2018, I was made comfortable and situated in a neat, spotlessly clean, nicely appointed and comfortable room. I was greeted by a representative of each department – Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Dietary, House Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, Concierge, Social Work, you name it. If I didn’t see them that evening (I came in around 6-7 pm), then I certainly saw them the very next morning. Each department conducted a thorough interview and were fully prepared for the several medical issues I have plus the complications from my recent surgery. They were super thorough and really on top of everything. I was given the next day “off” from OT and PT to make sure all the equipment and necessities I needed were ready for my use. I was provided a wheelchair, walker, an adaptation for the toilet to help raise it several inches as I was unable to bear weight or bend my hip quite well at that point. I met my therapists that would be working with me on a daily basis next. Mary for Occupational Therapy and Josh for Physical Therapy, plus others who filled in when they were off and were equally terrific. The Rehabilitation Department got me on my feet and moving like no one ever has before! Their exercises and treatment and motivation is absolutely the reason I am going home this Friday, May 11, needing only a cane to ambulate. No more wheelchair or walker! Their knowledge and skills combined with one hour of each type of therapy 6 days a week and sometimes even an hour on Sunday got me up and walking, got the strength back in my arms and legs and is the main reason I’m going home just one month after coming here. I will have some help at home for a bit which my Social Worker, Victoria, arranged for me. Mary and Josh requested the equipment I would need for home, even arranging for the larger things to be delivered to my house before I’m discharged. My Nurses, Ashmin (sp?), Stacy, Beth, I’m sorry I’m not great with names, but they all were great. Attentive, warm and caring and such hard workers as were the amazing PCAs who never let a call light go unanswered, Housekeeping who picked up laundry right on time the day they said they would and who did me a huge favor and made sure I had clean clothes to go home with as the laundry times would not have coincided with the return of my laundry that week. I must include Michelle, the Concierge, who is a whirlwind making sure all departments are communicating, in sync, and, most importantly, that the patients remain the priority here. Again, I wish I was better with names, but have tried to salute the incredible, hardworking staff here at Cold Spring Hills Rehabilitation. Truly a job very well done by a caring, attentive and skilled professional staff. Job well done, CSH. You take great care of my Dad and you take great care of me. This is the place to go for consistent, effective and motivated Occupational and Physical Therapy. Thank you for getting me back on my feet after such a terrible ordeal!

J. Tar
Opinions about Nursing & Rehab facilities are highly personal because we all want and expect different things, based upon our experiences. I have cared for my Dad, who has dementia, for 10 years, so I know a bit about the kind of care he specifically needs. What I have learned is that fancy chandeliers don’t cut it – It’s the care that counts. Over the years, Dad has spent short visits at a few of the larger local care facilities. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. I have found Cold Spring Hills to be a most perfect match for my Dad’s short & longterm care needs. Are they absolutely perfect? – NO (neither am I) – but they listen and adjust – That’s HUGE. From the Socialworkers, to the Aids, Nurses, Facility Management, Administration, Kitchen Staff, Receptionists, Rehab workers, Therapists (I’m sure I missed somebody important)… again and again, they strive for excellence to meet your personal needs. It’s a great Caring Feeling! – Also great is having a Subways on-site, a HUGE, beautiful outside courtyard for patients and
visitors and LOTS of activities throughout the year. Caring is a people business – It’s about touching, listening and helping with sincere compassion. So, overall (for us) this is a wonderful place and I’m happy to highly recommend it. ??

James C
It’s nice here. I get almost everything done for me. I have a lot of back pain and I’m glad to say I get my medicine all on time. The rehab people are very good to me, they go at my pace when I need to. Almost everyone knows me and my wife by a first name basis now, and that makes me happy. Thank you everyone.

Mehul P
My dad came to Cold Spring Hills a few weeks ago after his hip surgery. They first came to meet and greet us in the hospital and answered any questions we had, which I thought was really helpful. The people in rehab did a really really good job on him, he’s walking way quicker than what the doctor thought. The food is pretty good over there and there’s also a Subway sandwich shop right in the place which sometimes we’ll go out and eat all together at.

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