Our Amputee Rehabilitation Program is designed to maximize the functional abilities of persons facing limb loss or those who have experienced the loss, helping them achieve their maximum potential to lead full, productive lives. We provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach, specialized education and support, individualized rehabilitation, and expert prosthetic fitting.

Our Pre-prosthetic Training includes:

  • Pain control
  • Strengthening, flexibility and endurance training
  • Promotion of wound healing

Our individualized Prosthetic Training focuses on:

  • Gait (ambulation) training
  • Functional mobility training (bed mobility, transfers, community tasks)
  • Donning/doffing of prosthesis

Cold Spring Hills’ signature emotional support includes psychology and social work services. Additional benefits for amputees include consultations with expert prosthetists, physical therapists, social workers, and physiatrists.

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